Private Sessions

"I’m looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your journey, or answering any questions you might have.

One or two hours together might seem short… however we often just need a catalyst, somewhere safe to share, a few insights or inspirations in order to take our next steps and move closer to the life that we desire."

One hour session


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Session package

2 sessions of one hour - 140€

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3 sessions of one hour - 190€

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Payments are possible.

What will we do?"

The first 10 minutes of our session will be dedicated to setting your major intention and what you envision for yourself.


Through the following 30/40 minutes we’ll dive deeper into the specifics of both your current situation and of your goals or expected destination.

That’s an interactive time which allows you to share openly and freely in a safe space - a cauldron where thoughts and dreams will be transformed into a creative momentum and wide conceivable roadmap.  

The last part of our session (15 min) will be dedicated to narrowing this and identifying your possible next steps. 


The content of the session however will vary because it’s only about YOU. My goal is to tap into your own personal situation fast in order to help your find your greatest insights.

We may also use the current energies to give meaning to what you’re going through now and reflect on how to ride them in the most effective way.

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you!

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